Natural Pure Water From Himalaya's

About Us

Super Premium Himalayan's Natural Spring Bottled Water – is a naturally spring water, sourced from a pristine spring whose aquifer is connected with Gosainkunda, in the Rasuwa District. RASUWA is a prestigious bottled water product of Rudra Ganga Natural Water Pvt Ltd. To find the best, we have the most advanced technology in Nepal for both purifying water and packaging. RASUWA has hygienic food grade pet bottles that do not tend to crumple and lose their shape, their sturdier designs are easier to grip and withstand more use. The bottling process is done by our bottled water experts to protect pure taste and purity and lessen the impact on the environment. Most importantly, we have our own inbuilt bottling factory to make pet bottles of our desirable quality, different sizes and our plant is highly automated and exceptionally hygienic. It is soon going to prove itself as ‘the queen of natural spring waters’ as its main source is Gosainkunda and its water plant is located in a remote mountainous area in Gosainkunda-6, Dhunche at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea. The area itself is more meaningful for the set up of a water plant as it reflects a scenic set of high ecological, geological and biological value. Rasuwa is produced with Flawless filtration technology, with unblemished naturality and chemistry, conserving all that nature has provided from Source To Shelf.

Our Commitments

Our commitment is provide Himalayan natural spring water, sourced from Tropical Gosainkunda, Langtang Himalaya, RASUWA. Crafted by nature, each drop is naturally filtered and perfected by the spring, obtaining a special mineral balance where Rasuwa bottled at the source, untouched by man until you unscrew the cap for a soft and smooth taste, like no other. Rasuwa - the Elixir of the life.

Light and delicate taste produced by the world's highest water source

Raswa natural water is super soft water (pH value 7.1, hardness 10.0mg/l), so you can drink it deliciously regardless of your age. In addition, low impurities (TDS 10, calcium 2.5mg, sodium 1.6mg, potassium 1.3mg) have a refreshing taste that is perfect for cooking, coffee, tea, and ice for alcohol.

Ozone treatment, UV sterilization, micro-filtering and bottling produce water that does not contain harmful substances. (ISO22000: 2018 certified)

Protecting the Endangered Red Panda

The water sampling area of ​​Raswa is an area where wild red pandas live. Due to deforestation and poaching, the wild population is extremely small, and it is said that if things continue as they are, they will disappear from the forest within a few years. We at Raswa donate a portion of our profits to protect the red panda's habitat.


Protect Nepal's culture and history

Raswa pays tribute to Nepal's traditions, culture and history and is committed to preserving its natural and cultural heritage.