Minister for Drinking Water, ready to export Rasuva brand water from December to abroad

  • Kathmandu, 
    Rudra Ganga Natural Water Company has started production of spring water coming from the Himalayan region of Rasuwa district for the purpose of exporting Nepal's water abroad.

    Drinking water minister Bina Magar has been inaugurated by the special people on Friday. Chairman of the company Ganesh Bhandari informed that the company is producing flowing water from the Himalayan region by setting up a plant at Gosaikunda municipality ward no 6 in Langtang National Park. Chairman Bhandari said that water production is being done automatically using German technology and advanced machines made in China, India, and Japan.

    The company aims to produce 50,000 liters of bottles and 2,000 jars of natural spring water daily. Chairman Bhandari said that the water will be exported to the Nepalese market immediately and in the Gulf countries by 2020. At the program, Minister Magar said that the government is planning to export Nepal's water to the world market. She urged the private sector to invest in waste water flowing through the mountains. 'Our water is naturally edible. She is cleaner and cleaner than other countries, she said, 'We can compete in the international market. The government of Nepal is ready to help for this. ' 

    Shekhar Golchha, senior vice-president of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, said that if the trade deficit is increasing in the country only if we can export only water then the country will benefit. He said Nepal's water could be exported to Singapore, Dubai, Qatar, the United States and Europe and that there would be nothing better for a better country.

    Rajendra Malla, senior vice president of the Nepal Chamber of Commerce, said that now export of water would be most appropriate to increase economic prosperity and reduce trade deficit. 


    The company has appointed senior artists Hari Bansha Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha as BRAND AMBASSADORs.



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