'Rasuwa water' will be exported to Kathmandu to the public, Asia and Middle East countries

  • Kathmandu Rudraganga Natural Water Pvt. The water was produced at Dhunche in Gosainkund-6 of Rasuwa district at a special function organized in the capital Kathmandu on Friday. Ganesh Bahadur Bhandari, president of the company, said that the water production was started in the name of 'Rasuwa' with the purpose of feeding Himalayan water to the people of the world and identifying the country. He said that the water produced from this industry is not only in national market but also in international market.


    The company has created brand ambassadors for artists Madan Krishna Shrestha and Harivansh Acharya for marketing of water. The company has made the design of watercolor betel and the labeling high quality as it is being transported to the international market. The company has put a red panda picture in a water bottle, saying it will cooperate with the protection of the red-headed animal RedPanda. Within the clean beetle are the mountains of the Gaisikunda lake and the background.



    Rasuwa Water Industries, which started construction more than 3 years ago, was completed in the last two years. He added that Rs. 10 crore was invested in setting up the industry and Rs. 5 crore was invested in the market.

    Rasuwa water will reach the markets all over the country and will be shipped to Japan, Hong Kong and China. In the coming days, Rudraganga Natural Water Practices Chairman Bhandari said the target is to expand the market worldwide, including Europe, America, Australia.

    Addressing the inaugural program, Drinking Water Minister Bina Magar expressed her commitment to cooperate with the government to export water to International Market.

    Shekhar Gelchha, senior vice president of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, said exporting Nepalese products was very difficult. He said that the cost of production of any commodity in Nepal was at least 5 percent higher than that of the neighboring countries, the productivity of the workers was very low and the condition of infrastructure was critical.

    'France's water is sold worldwide. Nepal's water can also be sold worldwide. The Nepali people will go to any country where they have the opportunity to buy Nepali water and drink, 'he said in a greeting message.

    Rajendra Malla, senior vice-president of the Nepal Chamber of Commerce, said that the Chamber of Commerce could cooperate to export products like Rasuwa water, adding that Nepal Government should cooperate in exporting such products.

    Artists duo Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansh Acharya said that if they had previously participated in the promotion of social work only, then the aim of helping Nepal's economic development and production growth was to become a brand ambassador of good production. Acharya said that the purpose of Rasuwa water production was good and quality as well as being a brand ambassador.


    Source: https://www.bikashnews.com

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